Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ravens over Thornton.

Ravens are becoming a common site in the local area. A pair were over the village , calling at 8.30 am.
A Sedge Warbler was singing at the top end of the res. Markfield inflow. They seem to be scarce this year.
There were also 62 Tufted duck and two juvenile Pochard. There are plenty of Ringlets on the wing when the sun does appear.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Common Scoter.

A Red Kite that flew over Thornton towards the west on 27th June.
A Trout leaps for joy at the arrival of 16 Common Scoter during the heavy rain of the 6th July.
This photo shows 16 birds, with just 2 females. Common Scoter breed on the high lands of Scandinavia. The groups that we see at this time of year tend to be mainly males ,as the females are with young. It seems that some take a route from the Wash to the Severn. This group beats the 13 I had at Thornton on June 8th 2002. They had gone the next day. Well done Dave for finding them.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Common Sandpipers flock to Thornton!

A flock of 8 Common Sanpipers were photographed by Dave Wright at Thornton on Saturday.It is a strange time of year to have so many. Too late for breeding birds going north and too early for birds returning. Perhaps they are failed breeders, that have been affected by the changing levels of our northern rivers.