Sunday, 26 October 2014

Creating Willow Tit nesting sites.

 We are coppicing areas of Sallow and Willow at Brown's Wood, Thornton. The area above was done last spring(2014). Already the ground layer shows more growth thanks to the increased light levels.
 An area that we have started coppicing this autumn. Looks a mess, but there is method in this madness!
 An experiment to create more standing deadwood in this new woodland. We have left one standing stump and ring barked it to help it rot. A potential future nest site for a Willow Tit. Willow Tit excavate a new nest hole each spring. New woodlands lack standing deadwood.

 A 14 year old Silver Birch that has grown at an angle. We cut off the trunk at about 7' and ring barked it. Hopefully it will become a rotten stump for Wilti. to excavate in the spring.

 With the top part of the felled Birch, we cut off a 7-8' length and buried it , to create another stump.

We plan to add 2-3 such nesting opportunities for Willow Tit in each of the areas we coppice.

The finished scene. Just need to add a pair of Willow Tit!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Eastern Redstart?????

 I took a rare trip to Norfolk yesterday. At Stiffkey Woods I got a shot of this presumably first winter  Redstart.The primaries have plenty of white edging , which forms a panel. Is this samamiscius? Over all the bird does not seem pale enough. It might be ok if it was a female , but I think this is a first winter male, where I presume the white panel would be bigger. Any suggestions? 
 Another eastern species!
Great Grey Shrike of the eastern race pallidirostris.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Water Rails.

There were two Water Rails at the Markfield inflow end of the reservoir this afternoon. I think it is the first time that I have seen two together at Thornton. There were also two Kingfishers at the same spot.