Monday, 22 February 2010

The Ice Returns.

With winters icy grip still dominating spring seems a long way off. The recent bird sightings have also had a winter feel, with two Lesser Redpoll, Raven and a flock of 25 Wigeon. A smart male Yellowhammer in the garden was also admired against the snow. When temperatures do start to rise spring will burst out and we are promised a spectacular display. I think we shall all enjoy it after the hardest winter for thirty years. I remember last easter being in Finland , where they go from two metres of snow and temperatures of -20, to long warm sunny days, sometimes within a week or two. The Finnish birders we spoke to wanted a long drawn out spring so that migrants would linger on their journey north and give them more chance of adding them to their year lists. At Thornton it is always worth birding when the weather is bad as migrants are attracted to the insect hatches off the reservoir. Lets hope for a good spring migration to dispell those winter blues.

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  1. Hi Andy. Are you the gentleman that very kindly 'hosted' the Rosefinch twitch? If so, thank you very much (I was the guy that paid in beer!).

    I was talking to someone yesterday (nothing to do with birds) who knows of an 'ultra reliable weather forecaster' (got the mediocre summer and this hard winter right, in spite of the contary forecast for barbecue summer and mild winter), and they reckon that this hard spell will stay with us until the second week in March - I shall watch with interest!