Sunday, 21 March 2010

The First Migrants.

As the first migrants start to trickle into the county there is always excitement and expectation. On the 16th nine Song Thrush were feeding in the fields near to the church , no doubt passage birds, heading north. A Song Thrush was also seen carrying nesting material. A walk to Bagworth heath on the 17th, resulted in a close encounter with a Woodcock that was flushed. I have also managed to put up a home made Little Owl box in a known territory. Today I finally managed to tick my first warbler of the year, a Chiffchaff. It was busily feeding along a hedge and not calling ,despite the warm weather. It was also quite pale and I did wonder whether it was the northern race abietinus. Other signs of spring today included two Brimstone butterflies and a wonderful chorus of croaking from a frog filled pond.

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