Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Summer visitors all in.

I eventually caught up with a Spotted Flycatcher on 27th May. It was rewarding to stroll along the sculpture trail in Thornton wood, thinking ,this is a good place for a Spotted Flycatcher, Oh there is one! On the same evening a Badger was seen out hunting for worms at about 2030. It is also great to have a pair of House Martins in the nests I made for them. It is a mystery why they have never used the two expensive ones I purchased at the Bird Fair. A Curlew flew over calling on 6th May.

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  1. Please would you be so kind as to put a picture on your blog of your home made martin nest. the expensive martin nest i brought at the bird fair has all so never been used.
    I do enjoy your blog thank you
    Alison Rhodes