Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mustela vision.

A very confiding Mink was watched as it hunted along the dam this evening. It is such a pity that this alien has caused so much damage to our native wildlife. When I first came to Thornton 24 years ago there were always Water Voles, Arvicola terrestris, at both inflows, but they have disappeared, easy prey for Mink. Dispite the bad press it was still a great animal to watch. Also at the dam were 6 Grey Wagtails. I cannot end this blog without mentioning that Sunday is the anniversary of the Thornton Rosefinch twitch. Ever the optimist , I shall erect a net in Rosefinch ride on Sunday at 9am and you never know!


  1. I'd set a second net up Andy to try and catch and then eliminate that Water Vole KILLER!!!

  2. I am away on the east coast from this afternoon so if you catch anything good will you drop it through my letterbox and I'll let you have it back on Monday. Thanks love