Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Raven before Rook!

With much of the reservoir frozen the wildfowl numbers have dwindled. I did eventually catch up with a Great crested grebe on the 5th. It was sitting on the ice and looked very unhappy. This species obviously is forced to move when lakes freeze over, but I have never seen one flying over open country. New species added to the list included Goosander(3),Lapwing(40),and Raven(4) all on the 8th, and Rook and Grey Heron on the 9th. All three Tossers have had Raven before Rook this year. My ringing highlight was trying out my new whoosh net and catching this Belgium ringed Black Headed Gull. ( See the Charnwood ringing group website for more details). Finally, a very interesting talk by David Lindo was enjoyed at the recent L.R.O.S. meeting. His local patch is around Wormwood Scrubs in west London. His mates who watch this site are known as Scrubbers, who I am certain would hit it off with us Tossers!

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