Sunday, 5 February 2012

February Snow.

Thornton with 3" of snow on the morning of 5th Feb. before the fog rolled in.

A male Reed Bunting feeding in the garden. I always presume that this is a species that I will see on my New Years day bird count. However, last year I did not see one at Thornton until the 5th Feb. and this year it was the 4th Feb. So where are they in January?

About 75% of the res. is frozen and good numbers of wildfowl are crammed in to the open water. They include 26 Pochard, 32 Teal and Harry the Whooper is back. Other species noted recently have included Tawny and Little Owl, Peregrine, Treecreeper, Rook, and Greylag Geese.

There is also a pale yellow Canary coming to gardens near to the church. It is often seen singing and has even attracted the attention of the Reed Bunting. I think it is a Canary breed known as an American singer, but I am no expert on cage birds. I am surprised that it has survived this long as a male Sparrowhawk hunts regularly in the area.