Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Recent sightings.

Breaching Gervais beaked whale, at sea 200 miles west of Morocco and not on the res!

It has been rather quiet recently with few sightings of note and I have also been away. The highlight was a fly through Osprey on the 28th August. There were also up to four Spotted Flycatchers at the end of the month, some juvs indicating breeding success. On the 17th September a Hobby and 2 Ravens were fly overs. The first Webs count took place on the 16th and over 700 birds were recorded. This included 235 Mallard and 147 Coot. Up to 5 Grey Wagtails have been at the out flow and today a juv. Blackbird was trying to eat a freas water Crayfish. The highlight of my recent vacation was the sighting of a Gervais Beaked Whale 200 miles off the Moroccan coast. This species is rarely recorded alive at sea.

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  1. Hi Andy

    I saw your pic of the Gervais Beaked Whale off Morocco. I have just returned from Nigeria having seen a beaked whale breach which may have been this species. I just wondered what your impression was on first seeing it in terms of size, shape, colour & similarity to commoner cetacean species. Sean Minns (