Monday, 2 December 2013

New Zealand Trip.

 Just returned from 3 weeks in NZ and these are some raw images of some highlights. This Grey Petrel had everyone excited including the guide , who shouted, "What is That?"
 New Zealand storm petrel, lost to science until rediscovered in 2002.
 New Zealand white capped Albatross.
 Cook's Petrel
 Teriteri island has a range of endems including North Island Robin.

 A rubbish photo of something in the Cook strait. Could it be a Kerguelen Petrel. We will never Know! (Try and find it? )
 Swimming with these Dusky dolphins was an experience at Kaikoura.
Wandering Albatross(race Gibsons) with Giant Petrels.
Mean while on my return at Thornton there were two pairs of Red crested Pochard on the res on 28th Nov. There had been an influx of Pochard , 18 on the 27th so may be these were genuine migrants from eastern Europe.

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