Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year, New Bird!

 My final total for 2013 at Thornton was 120 species. This included three new species for my Thornton list, in the form of Wood Warbler, Night Heron and Rock Pipit. Other highlights were Grey headed wagtail, Garganey, Kittiwake, BN Grebe, Jack Snipe and Osprey.
2014 commenced with a wet and windy day and I did not venture down to the dam until  1320. Almost immediately I noticed a bird flying towards me from across the reservoir. It was at about tree top height. As it approached me to within about 30 metres it then banked so that I had an excellent side on view. I realised that it was a diver species. I noted that the bill was dagger like and pointed, not up-turned. The size and skull structure  pointed towards Black -throated Diver. The bird then flew back across the reservoir and off to the north east, I presume to Swithland reservoir. I would be interested to know if anyone saw the Swithland bird depart or return at between 1300 and
1400. Black-throated Diver photographed at Swithland res.
Once I had recovered from having a site tick on the first day of the year I continued my walk and ended the day on a respectable 44, Brambling being another good addition.
Other species added since have included 3 Ravens, a Peregrine and a female Goosander.

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