Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wonderful Baja.

 Here are a selection of photos from my recent Baja California trip.
 Good numbers of Northern Elephant seals were in residence.
 Magnificent sunrises enhanced the spectacular locations.
 The Searcher, our home for the trip.
 Impressive cactus in an arroyo
 Rattleless Rattlesnake. Not as big as it looks.
 Good numbers of Black vented Shearwaters were seen.
 An impressive Osprey nest. I wonder how many years it has been used?
 Eye to eye with a Grey Whale
 Road Runner doing what it does best.

 Tail fluking Blue Whale. It does not get any better than this!
 We marvelled at this mega beast that kept us entertained for over an hour as it repeatedly tail fluked.
 The tall columnar blow of a Blue Whale.
Thanks to Captain Art and the wonderful crew of Searcher for a trip of a life time.

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