Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Glossy Ibis at Hicks Lodge.

 At last my patience paid off and I managed to get both a British and county tick. Pity it was not at Thornton!
 It did not seem to be in breeding plumage. Despite Hicks Lodge providing an ideal habitat the Ibis departed at 1900. My thanks to Paul and John for the transport on this twitch.
 Back at Thornton a fly through Osprey was a treat at 1030 today(9th April)
 It flew in from the Markfield inflow and across the reservoir. It was mobbed by gulls, crows and eventually a pair of Buzzards. It out climbed all of these and circled off to the North West.
Also at Browns wood a pair of Marsh Tit were nice to see and Willow Warblers are in song.

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