Thursday, 26 June 2014

Long-Tailed Duck, a Thornton tick.

 Long-Tailed duck balances Tufty on its head!
Female Long-Tailed duck that seems to be going from winter to summer plumage.
 This was a Thornton tick for me and I think it may be a first for the site as there is no mention of a past record in the Avifauna.
It also appears to be a first for the month of June in Leicestershire and Rutland.
 I have been trying to keep count of the ever increasing number of Tufted Duck over the last few days, but have to admit that I missed this surprise treat.
 I presume it is either a failed breeder or never made the trip through the Baltic with the rest  of its kind. If it is the Swithland bird then where has it been?

 A Big Thanks to who ever found her.
Of the 89 Tufted duck I counted today there are only 5 females.

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