Friday, 11 July 2014

Duck Rescue!

 After a 0730 phone call from a neighbour I found myself rescuing a female Tufted Duck and her brood of five. I went armed with a bucket for the ducklings and remarkably the female let me pick her up.
 Never one to miss out on a ringing opportunity the adult was quickly processed.
 Hey mum we want some Bling!
Then it was down to the reservoir and off on some more adventures. I am sure there is just a hint of a Thank you from Mrs. Tufty! 
It was a surprise when 15 minutes later I found myself rescuing another brood of Tufted duck from Dave Wrights front garden, this time without a female. Again all were safely moved to the reservoir.
Ducklings on hatching are able to find their own food , but follow their parents. This is classified as Precocial 2. The word precocial comes from the same Latin root as 'precocious'. This is not the first time that I have helped ducklings reach the safety of the reservoir, but it does illustrate that help is sometimes required. Once on the water all is well.


  1. Hats off to you Mr Smith and well done lets hope you get a control in a few years time??

    1. Thanks Col. It has been a good year for Tufty on the res with several broods.