Monday, 19 January 2015

Winter Blackcap.

It was a surprise to catch this male Blackcap today. Normally a summer visitor some now over winter in Britain.
 Evidence from ringing has demonstrated that many of these winter Blackcaps are birds that have migrated from central Europe and especially countries such as Germany.
This is not an unusual survival strategy. Many species head west when the cold continental climate of central Europe takes hold.
Other species seen this year at Thornton include Water Rail, Little Egret, Woodcock, Peregrine, Kingfisher and Shoveler. Finches seem scarce with only one or two Lesser Redpoll and as yet no Siskin.
Sundays Webs count produced 21 Little Grebe, but only 7 Great Crested. 

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  1. The Blackcap is a nice winter bird to have in your net Andy!!