Sunday, 19 April 2015

Osprey update and other migrants.

 I emailed Roy Dennis about this colour ringed Osprey and he passed it on to John Wright at Rutland Water. John was able to identify the individual from the photo and colour ring. It is male 8F, a three year old bird ringed at the Manton Bay nest in 2012. It arrived yesterday, intruding at a nest that John was watching. Colour ringing and cameras are great! John has requested any photos of colour ringed osprey. Please send them to him, no matter how poor, and mine were poor!
This LRP was on the dam this morning. Also the Ring Ouzel is still with the cattle at the Markfield inflow. There was a Wheatear there on Saturday.
This evening there was a smart male Redstart in the first hedge along the east bank.

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