Thursday, 18 May 2017

Colour Ringed Common Tern.

 Four Common Terns have been frequenting the reservoir. One pair have shown interest in the tern raft and are now regularly perched on it. Both have metal rings on their right legs and one has a colour ring on the right.
The code is U26. This is a bird that I rung at Watermead CP on 23rd June 2014, so it is a bit like meeting an old friend!

The male feeding the colour ringed female. Pair bonding.
Common Terns winter in West Africa in the Gulf of Guinea. Very few return in their first year and over summer in their winter quarters. The colour ringed female will have made the trip probably four times.
I am hoping that they find the raft to their liking and breed, although it is likely to be the first attempt for this three year old female.

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