Thursday, 31 December 2009

Farewell 2009.

So a great year comes to a close with my site total for Thornton on a respectable 115. Some surprising species were missed such as Dunlin and Willow tit, but quality in the form of 80 Waxwings, 5 Avocets and a Leicestershire first made it a memorable year. Final sightings today included a very confiding Water Rail, which can be viewed from just between the fishing lodge and the old trout cages. Also in front of the lodge the juv. Scaup was feeding and I hope that it is still there tomorrow as it will be a good addition to my 2010 list. I am hoping to add Red Crested Pochard to my Thornton list as I am fed up with the other Tossers gripping me off! My prediction for 2010 is a Firecrest trapped and rung ,as I think it is my only chance of catching up with one at Thornton. Happy New year when it arrives and a bird filled 2010.

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