Thursday, 10 December 2009

Memorise of a great weekend.

I thought this photo taken by Jen would bring back memorise of the Rosefinch twitch in September. Everything looks so green and it does make me realise how fortunate I am to look over this bit of habitat. It has also taken me this long to work out how to add a photo to my blog!


  1. Hi mate

    This was my first "twitch" i turned up late'ish Sunday afternoon, The Bird had not been seen for a hour or so but he popped up a couple of hours later around 3 and you put me on him!

    Never had chance to thank you. I was fairly new to birdwatching a little nervous and felt a little bewildered with me 9.99 bins and opticron scope.
    Thanks for letting me intrude in your garden and see the bird and thanks for putting me on the bird when she arrived!

    Kind Regards and enjoying the blog.

    Ryder Hurn

    P.s i work for ken reeves.

  2. Thanks for that and glad you managed to see the bird.The juvenile Scaup was still present on Wednesday and is viewable from the car park. I shall try and scope it from the terrace on Saturday and get it on my garden list!

  3. Forgot to say Andy, I've still got to give you at least a £1 for the twitch in your garden, as I was one who put 33p in the bucket as this was the only change I had at the time!! Lol