Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Winter then Summer!

Searching the snow free areas eventually paid off with this Snipe at the top end.
The horses are helping to create good feeding areas for thrushes, wagtails and pipits.
 This scene reminded me of a trip to Finland in the first week of April. The local birders told us that in Finland they often go from the deep snow of winter,(2 metres) into a rapid thaw, and then the warmth of summer. Often this will take place over a couple of weeks and there is hardly any spring. Perhaps this is what we will get this year.
This Lapwing has arrived back on its breeding grounds and is now waiting for the thaw. In Finland it was a common sight to see Lapwing on clear patches beside the roads.
A mystery photo. What is it? It is a Meadow Pipit.

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