Thursday, 1 October 2015

Canada Highlights.

 Just back from two weeks traveling along the St. Lawrence, from Montreal in the west as far as Matane and Baie Comeau in the east. Great weather and some wonderful landscapes and wildlife.
Lots of warblers to confuse me. I think it is a Yellow Warbler above. If not, it should be!
 Greater Yellowlegs on the rock pools at Tadoussac, our favourite place.
 One of our targets, Ursa Noir near Sacre Ceur.
 Belugas were seen several times. Great to get a tail fluke.

 Hot Lips below!
 Although not a great photo the image below does show a grey juvenile. Cute!

 On the beach at Matane a very confiding group of Sanderling engaged us. I could have happily spent hours playing with them.

 I was totally "Gripped Off" by Paula , when she found this Hermit Thrush in the garden of our hotel at Baie Comeau. It was attracted out of the shrubbery when the gardener set up his sprinkler. Perhaps this might work on Shetland?

 This bird was with the Hermit. I think it is a juvenile Grey Catbird, but not sure.

 Juvenile Yellowthroat.

 Not sure what this is. Could be a Yellow Throated Vireo, but a tad out of its range. Below is Yellow Rumped Warbler. The only species I felt confident about!
 Another nice find was this Northern Waterthrush, again near the hotel.
 Would create quite a twitch if this was on the garden path at Thornton!
 Unidentified Dragonfly at Point aux Outardes.
 Northern Harrier, Point aux Outardes, one of my favourite places and a great reserve.
 Minke Whales were easy to photograph from shore at Tadoussac.

 This individual was within 100m of the rocks.

 Minke feeding in the tidal race at the entrance to the Saguenay Fiord, Tadoussac.

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  1. Great Images Andy!!looks like you and Paula had a great time