Sunday, 4 October 2015

Canadian Warblers ID- Help!

 I would welcome any help or verification on these birds seen on my recent trip to the St Lawrence.
A. Philadelphia Vireo
 B. Wilsons Warbler (looks bigger in the hand I think)
 C. American Redstart.
 D. Yellow Warbler.

 E. Magnolia Warbler

 F. Yellowthroat.

 G. Nashville Warbler? above and below.

 H. Blackpoll Warbler ? just seems too yellow, above and below.

 I. Yellow Rumped Warbler- dancing to its shadow!
 Same as H above and below.

 J. Palm Warbler ? above and another Yellow- Rumped below.

K. 2 Blackpoll Warblers. These do seem to fit the drabness of immature Fall birds.

They were good fun, but tricky to photograph, at least that is my excuse for some poor images.

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