Thursday, 17 March 2016

Cetacean sightings from my trip south.

 Three images of a Beaked Whale sp. We saw several Cuviers, but this one seemed smaller, brown and I wondered if it might be a Blainvilles. Not enough of the jaw line showing to make a conclusion.

Below two images- You can just make out the rounded head of this probable 'Blackfish' sp. Two animals shoulder to shoulder so a possible Pygmy Killer Whale?
 Dorsal, colour and size ok.

 Some Cuvier's images.

 Spinner Dolphins.

 Below Atlantic Spotted Dolphin.
Below Short finned Pilot Whale.
 Below another mystery.Two images of what  seems to be a beaked whale species.

 We saw plenty of Sei Whale with their characteristic erect dorsal being the last bit visible.

 Below some playful Peale's dolphins.

 Below possible Orca??

 Bottlenose Dolphins.
 Below Rough -toothed Dolphins

 Above and below -Spinners.

Below some Fraser's dolphins.

Fraser's above and below. Typical large pod with much splashing.

Below a Hump back, typical bushy blow, large splash guard and not  much sign of a dorsal.
Nice fluke print.

Above Atlantic spotted and below a Fin whale surfaces close to the ship.

Out of focus Striped dolphin below.

Above and below Short -beaked Common dolphins welcome us back in the Western Approaches.
In total about 16 species of Cetacean were seen, with many unidentified. I would welcome any corrections to my ids. The route took us from Bristol to the Falklands, Cape Horn and back.

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