Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Some Cruise Seabird sightings.

My latest trip was to the Falklands and various parts of the east coast South America. It was great to get amongst the Kings of Volunteer Point on the Falklands.

 Magellenic and Gentoos are also present.

 While crossing the Tropics Masked , Red Footed and Brown Boobies followed the ship. Magnificent Frigate birds chased them to rob them of their Flying fish catch.

 Soft Plumaged Petrel.
 Pom. Skuas heading north.
 White chinned and below a Spectacled Petrel.

 Atlantic Petrel.

 Falklands Skua and Gentoos.

 Skuas harry the Gentoo colony.

 Back from the fishing trip.

 Wish I wasn't so ugly!

 Slender billed Prion. I think?  I tried to find some other prion species, but no luck. I did manage a single Blue Petrel, but alas no photo.

 Black browed Albatross.

 Common Diving Petrel. We also saw Magellenic.

 The 1st Feb. was a sea day. We were heading from the Falklands towards Punta Arenas and the southern tip of South America. It was great to see so many Black browed Albatross following the ship. At one time I estimated in excess of 2000.

 Sooty Shearwater.
 I had real difficulty id- ing the larger Alberts. Above is a Southern Royal.

 White morph Southern Giant Petrel. Known as White Nellies!
 Possibly a Northern Royal above?
 A tick for me, Atlantic Yellow -nosed Albatross.

 A moulting Cory's shearwater.

 Red-billed Tropicbird.

 It was a great trip. We also encountered 16 species of Cetacean. If anyone spots a mistake on my species id then please correct me.

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