Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gannet Feeding at Thornton!

 Gordon is still at Thornton for his record breaking fourth day. Apparently no Leicestershire Gannet has stayed for more than two days. He/She was flying around and at one time I was hoping that it would make a break for the coast. Dave Wright reported seeing it plunge dive and Rhys Dandy has seen it eating a fish. I decided to try and get some sea fish out to it. I was surprised that it was so willing to come to hand.
 I rather suspect that this bird has taken fish scraps from a fishing boat in the past. It was happy to come to me and grab a Morrisons Herring. All other wet fish outlets are also to be recommended!

 I am hoping that with some food inside Gordon will decide that he has had enough of a holiday at Thornton and head off to his normal habitat out in the Atlantic.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant Andy and well done for getting Gordon to feed, fingers crossed for him/her