Monday, 22 August 2016

Gannet wrecked at Thornton.

 Stopping off on the dam after a busy day at the Bird Fair had its rewards. A large gull like bird was flying towards me and at first I thought it was one of the Herring Gulls that have been hanging out at the outflow. As it came closer I realised it was an adult Gannet, for me a county tick, but most importantly a Thornton Patch tick! It landed in the central area of the reservoir.
As we watched the Gannet an Osprey flew over and headed off south down the valley. A nice patch year tick.
The Gannet is still present, resting at the top end of the reservoir. Hopefully it will regain enough strength to fly off to the ocean , where it should be. The low pressure system that has crossed the country in the last few days is no doubt the reason for its appearance.

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  1. Great find Andy, thanks for the tick......